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Started from the Bottom


I frequented karaoke shows since the age of 19. and learned the basics by watching while chatting with djs. At this point Lowery’s was under a previous owner and called “Kyotes”. I caught the attention of Rick Vail and he hired me to dj for the back room to the younger crowd. We were still using cds at that time so I mixed in my own collection, Together we made the foundation shake in that place. When we parted ways, I started focusing on singing and went to every karaoke show I could. I even got the same software (Sax & Dotties and WinAmp) at home so I could practice singing. Some time after, Linda bought the building and opened The Crossing. The back room was still a hotspot for the younger crowd myself included. One night the dj got a lil too tipsy and asked me to help him out. I took his seat and proceeded to rock a dance set for a capacity crowd which required pd assistance to get everyone to leave at close. the next morning as I’m walking in to work, I get a call from a new number. She says “Hi this is Linda Lowery, from The Crossing..” I interrupted and said ‘hey I’m sorry if I overstepped my boundaries last night.” She said “no, no, that’s why I’m calling. I wanted to see if you want the job” I spent the next couple months learning the ropes with her equipment and getting my name out. The following tax season, after past due bills were settled, I spent my last $1,300 on an all-Peavey system from Melody Shop, and the rest is a story for another time.

(to those who read the whole thing, I love you guys)